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Bug#341801: independent confirmation

Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> Kevin Brown wrote:
> > Well, the main reason is that I didn't see any advantage, since I'm
> > running a non-SMP system.
> Ok, so you don't see the ethernet/sata hangs, then? Are you using the
> VIA SATA controller or the Promise one?

Just the VIA SATA controller for now.  I have a system with an A8V
(non-Deluxe version) that doesn't have the on-board Promise
controller.  I put a SATA 150 TX4 in it, and I'm using two ports on
that and the two on-board VIA SATA ports.  That system hasn't seen any
hanging issues either.

Could you test with the amd64-generic kernel to see if you get hangs
with the on-board Promise controller and ethernet?  I was considering
putting another couple of disks in mine but don't want to spend the
cash if it'll just hang.

> Oh, sorry! I read that wrong. I read it as "I'm using ECC memory and
> have ECC /disabled/" which is what provoked the "why the heck..."
> response.

Oh.  That makes much more sense.  :-)

> (I have non-ECC only because I wasn't sure if this board supported ECC)

It certainly does.  I refuse to buy a motherboard that won't.  The
price difference between ECC and non-ECC memory is minimal.

I think that even boards which don't support ECC memory can still make
use of ECC memory sticks.  You just won't get ECC.  Not sure, though.
The slots are the same so I don't really see why it wouldn't work.
That way, if you wind up with an ECC-capable motherboard later on you
can use the old memory in ECC mode.

Kevin Brown					      kevin@sysexperts.com

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