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Bug#341801: independent confirmation

Kevin Brown wrote:

> Well, the main reason is that I didn't see any advantage, since I'm
> running a non-SMP system.

Ok, so you don't see the ethernet/sata hangs, then? Are you using the
VIA SATA controller or the Promise one?

>>>One other thing: I'm using ECC memory, and have ECC enabled.
>>Why they heck would you do that... ?
> Two reasons: the first is that I want as much stability as I can get,
> and ECC increases that.  

Oh, sorry! I read that wrong. I read it as "I'm using ECC memory and
have ECC /disabled/" which is what provoked the "why the heck..." response.

(I have non-ECC only because I wasn't sure if this board supported ECC)

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