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Bug#341801: independent confirmation

Kevin Brown wrote:

>>PS: Since you have the same hardware as me, I'm curious if you're able
>>to use kernels > 2.6.12.
> Yeah.  I'm currently using 2.6.15.  Note that I'm using the
> amd64-generic kernel, not the amd64-k8 kernel.  I don't expect that
> makes any difference at all with respect to this particular bug,
> though it might change how much memory is visible.

I'm using the k8-smp version. I'd try generic, but there is no generic
SMP, AFAIK (and having bought a >$500 dual-core chip, I damn well want
to use it!)

The problem I've always seen with > 2.6.12 is that after a short while,
either Ethernet or SATA (with the promise chip) dies. I've filed
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=347412 on this (a while

I'm sort of curious why you use -generic instead of -k8; unless, of
course, this is why.

Well, if you don't experience this problem, I guess I should try booting
w/o SMP support and seeing if its an SMP-only problem.

> One other thing: I'm using ECC memory, and have ECC enabled.

Why they heck would you do that... ?

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