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Bug#311815: matrox support on ppc64

Tom Gall wrote:
Hi Petr,

I was just talking to sven luther about matrox graphics on ppc64.  It
would seem we have somewhat similiar experiences tho somewhat different
as well.

Currently I'm running on my power3 box with a matrox g200. I do
pass to the kernel : video=matroxfb:1280x1024@60,memtype:3 . You'll want
to do the same if you're not.

This does work, console, X and all.

Now later kernels, 2.6.15 for instance seem to be quite quite busted but
 I suspect 2.6.14.x is probably fine, the thought being that 2.6.15 is
obviously when the great grand merge was done.

matroxfb itself should not have changed between 2.6.12 and 2.6.15 at all. Only difference between 2.6.12 and 2.6.15 are:

(1) Removal of hardware cursor. fbcon lost this ability sometime before 2.6.15, so it was removed.

(2) matroxfb now knows how to find PInS structure in the GXP450 (or how is IBM adapter named). This should alleviate need for 'memtype:3'.

(3) Added PCI IDs for some Matrox Mystique AGP I never ever saw.

(4) Different cache flush is used on old 2064W chips (old Millennium I).

So as far as I can tell, you should get identical behavior with 2.6.12 and anything newer.

It would be nice if you could tell us what color depth you are using (default should be 8bpp, but maybe you did not have built this support into kernel so another depth was used) and character cell size you are using (8x16 or anything else).

Anyway when I have two reports, one saying that matroxfb does not work on 2.6.11 and another that it does work, I'm lost. As since 2.6.9 or so matroxfb uses only readl()/writel() to access all hardware, without any optimizations, 64bitness of hardware should not matter, only endianness problems should in the drawing code (matroxfb_1bpp_imageblit) - readl & writel should still work same way.

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