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Bug#311815: matrox support on ppc64

Hi Petr,

I was just talking to sven luther about matrox graphics on ppc64.  It
would seem we have somewhat similiar experiences tho somewhat different
as well.

Currently I'm running on my power3 box with a matrox g200. I do
pass to the kernel : video=matroxfb:1280x1024@60,memtype:3 . You'll want
to do the same if you're not.

This does work, console, X and all.

Now later kernels, 2.6.15 for instance seem to be quite quite busted but
 I suspect 2.6.14.x is probably fine, the thought being that 2.6.15 is
obviously when the great grand merge was done.

Anyway I think depending on the hardware you're on 2.6.11.x could still
be busted just on account of the complicated buses that are out there
and xorg / kernel may not handle things correctly.

Anyway, certainly is a big issue and it would be good to coordinate not
just between the two of us with with Ian Romanick as well who also has
interests in this area.



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