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Re: [D-I] Supporting 2.6.14 kernels in base-installer

On Sun, Nov 13, 2005 at 12:16:02PM +0100, Maximilian Attems wrote:
> klibc-utils could be replaced by the busybox utils. waldi proposed that.
> that would reduce the porter work for klibc which is not yet ready for
> any arch.

We can even produce a extra busybox for that if it is worth of size.

>                                              waldi hardcoded the timeout
> for the dev population to 2 seconds that seems not to be good enough
> default for all setups. i searched for a nice condition to test against
> and would be happy to learn one.

I try to find a solution with upstream.

> > The dependency on sysfs and udev will make it practically impossible to 
> > install a 2.6 kernel when running the installer with 2.4. We should 
> > probably check for this in base-installer and make sure the option is not 
> > presented to the user.

I think it is possible at least for initramfs-tools to run without sysfs
on the building system.

> that needs to be shaken out anyway as this is a possible upgrade path
> from sarge.

udev currently decides to need a 2.6.12 kernel to be upgraded while an
upgrade from 2.6.8 is a valid options.


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