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Re: Bug#335229: udev: problems with firewire CDR hotplug

reassign 335229 linux-2.6

On Oct 22, "ROBERTOJIMENOCA@terra.es" <ROBERTOJIMENOCA@terra.es> wrote:

> I'm having problems hotplugging my firewire CDR.
> I'm using linux-image-2.6.13-1-686_2.6.13-1 but it fails with any new
> kernel version.
> The error log is:
> ieee1394: Error parsing configrom for node 0-00:1023
> ieee1394: Node changed: 0-00:1023 -> 0-01:1023
> ieee1394: Node added: ID:BUS[0-00:1023]  GUID[0010100305000000]
I can't see how this would be related to udev.

> I had no problems with previous udev and hotplug packages and
> linux-image-2.6.12-1-686.


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