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Bug#335230: Yaird should support booting from an EVMS (local, at least) volume

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Hi Marco,

First of all: I am in no way mad at you. :-)

I see nothing secret in your mail, and want to share our discussion
with the world - maybe others can learn from it (or maybe they find my
arguments stupid and can then point fingers at me). So I dare cc the
bugreport on this response.

On Sun, 23 Oct 2005 02:10:28 +0200
Marco Amadori <marco.amadori@gmail.com> wrote:

> Alle 00:03, domenica 23 ottobre 2005, hai scritto:
> > Well, if you install a -k7 kernel package on a Pentium machine then
> > that also will render your machine completely unusable, but still do
> > not mean you should file a bugreport of severity critical.
> Ok, I'm sorry about that, I have no problem with regarding your
> severity level for this bug. I just applied the critical definition
> for bug reporting: so a problem that affects a small % of all users
> but that completely broke their system should be set to critical IMHO.

Did you read the definitions?

It seems to me that this bug has in fact "a major effect on the
usability of a package, without rendering it completely unusable to

When you compare that wording to those of grave and critical, I think
that you will, like me, see an implicit "generally for all/most users"
in those severities.

> > I am happy that you filed this bugreport, especially since it seems
> > to cause action, which is great. But lack of support for EVMS
> > should not cause yaird baing dropped from a theorethical release
> > tomorrow IMHO: It has other uses than with EVMS.
> I really did not wanted to offend you in filing this bug,

I am in no way offended :-)

I am grateful you filed the bugreport. And look - it caused a debate
with upstream and the maintainer of EVMS on how to approach this. Great!

> > Oh, and you are even explicitly warned in the long description that
> > EVMS is currently unsupported.
> Yes, I know that, is the average user that knows nothing and
> upgrading kernels can find himself in big troubles, this is needed
> for etch and etch will be the release, so this is etch critical and
> so RC, but I do not want to flame at all.

I understand that you are completely unable to use latest greatest
kernel currently. But it is not specifically because of yaird not
working, but because of a big shift in kernel and related tools.

Each single bug can be fatal to a few people. But if tagged RC then you
say "rather trash this software than release it", and that is not a
logical approach to your problem. You probably needed to compile your
own custom kernels when you setup EVMS in the first place, right? Or do
debian-installer support EVMS i sarge? I mean - have a stable release
of Debian ever had support out-of-the-box for EVMS? If not, then sorry,
your problem have low priority for me.

But "low priority" does not mean "don't want progress here". Just that
I won't spend most time there. I'd rather spend it on fixing the
reasons you can't use initramfs-tools with newest kernels.
Initramfs-tools is rumored to work great with EVMS.

> CCed to Sven 'cause I used his name in a private mail.
> If I seemed aggressive I apologize, maybe is because of my bad
> english, I'm really sorry.

Nothing wrong, so no need to apologize. Nothing wrong with your language
skills either, as far as I have noticed. I am not a native speaker
either, by the way.

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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