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Bug#335230: [#335230] How to actually support EVMS in an initrd

Just thought I'd take my EVMS maintainer hat on and try to add some
constructive input to this:

EVMS support in yaird should not be difficult to add for someone who already
knows yaird. Basically, what you need to do is:

 - If root= is not /dev/evms/*, _do not do anything in the initrd_. If you
   do, you _will_ break root mounting for anybody _not_ using root on EVMS.
 - Make sure /dev/ is writable, and mkdir /dev/evms.
 - modprobe -q dm-mapper to load the devmapper module. You might also want
   to modprobe raid0/raid5 if the system in question needs that for /.
 - Run /sbin/evms_activate (from the “evms” package). It will do partition
   discovery and mknod the appropriate devices in /dev/evms.

That's it :-)

/* Steinar */
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