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Re: 2.6.12 upload

On Sat, Jul 16, 2005 at 12:39:55PM +0300, Andres Salomon wrote:
> Alright folks, I think the packaging is ready to be beaten on by people. 
> So, unless anyone has any concerns/problems/etc, I'm going to assume
> everything's a go for uploading 2.6.12.
> The current changes and state of the packaging:
>   - source package is called linux-2.6
>   - binary image packages have been renamed from kernel-image-* to
>     linux-image-*.  binary header packages have been renamed from
>     kernel-headers-* to linux-headers-*.  kfreebsd/hurd folks, if you have
>     any comments/concerns/requirements, please be sure to let us know.
>   - debian/control is generated from debian/templates/control.*.in, and
>     naming/descriptions should be consistent across the various archs.
>   - config files are generated from the pieces in debian/arch, with
>     management of configs made a lot easier via tools in trunk/scripts
>     (initconfig and split-config).  I will probably tweak settings for
>     the global config a bit more; expect some FTBFS for architectures
>     until we figure out which options are safe for everyone, and which
>     options are suitable only for certain archs.
>   - i'm leaning towards using gcc-3.3, as i'm afraid of gcc-4.0
>     miscompiling things.  however, if any architectures require gcc-4.0,
>     either let me know, or update svn directly.
>   - debian/README* and trunks/docs/ has information that kernel team
>     members will find useful to understand the new packaging.

It's been a week since I read a bit of that and tried to add m68k support.
The biggest problem right now is, how do I cross-compile? I have built cross
gcc 2.95 and 3.3 compilers and would like to build the m68k images with
them, at least for testing the new packaging. I had no serious trouble to
get that going by adding --arch m68k --cross_compile m68k-linux to the
make-kpkg call. Is it possible to use this also with the new linux-2.6
packaging or at least add it when I build m68k images? I guess it should be
made optional, otherwise every arch would try to cross compile m68k images,
but if I can not use cross compiling at all, it would be very hard to add
m68k to the common linux source, since it takes me about 6 hours to compile
one image. Even the time required to build just one image is too long, when
I am still testing the new source.

My box at home is unreachable right now, IIRC the problem might actually
have been in kernel-package, it would not pick up an m68k config but a
default config from the build system instead, which obviously can not be
used for building an m68k kernel. Has anybody done cross-compiling for the
new source package and has hints on how to add it to the debian/rules and

m68k will not use gcc-4.0 for a while for kernels I guess, there are too
many new internal compiler errors. gcc-3.3 should be fine.


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