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Re: renaming linux-kernel source package

On Sun, Jul 10, 2005 at 04:40:04PM +0300, Andres Salomon wrote:
>   * Older kernels get removed; no need to ask for manual removal of
>     linux-kernel-2.6.12 after 2.6.13 becomes available for all archs. 
>     However, we lose the ability to have multiple 2.6's in a release,
>     which sounds like a win to me; we shouldn't be doing multiple 2.6
>     releases anymore anyways, the security team has made it clear they
>     don't want to support multiple kernels, and it would be extra pressure
>     for all archs to keep up.

And we can't upload a new kernel until it builds on any arch. Do you
realy want to force some arches out of the subproject?


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