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Bug#317007: Please Recommend "alsa"

maximilian attems wrote:

irclogs/OPN/#debian-kernel.2005-03-15.log:22:09 <jdthood> I am preparing a sound-base package that will allow selection between ALSA and OSS.  Ideally this woul d be pulled in by k-i 2.6.  Any chance of getting a dependency added?

rembered your irc posting, so what's about the idea of that generic

Ah, I understand now.

The "linux-sound-base" package is now in unstable. It would be quite appropriate for all k-i packages containing both OSS and ALSA modules (viz., all current k-i 2.6 packages) to Depend on linux-sound-base; it would also be appropriate for all other k-i packages to at least Suggest linux-sound-base. This package gives the admin the ability (via dpkg-reconfigure) to disable either OSS or ALSA so that one does not conflict with the other.

If the admin chooses OSS then nothing further is required. If the admin chooses ALSA then the alsa packages should also be installed. ALSA is the preferred sound system for k-i 2.6, so I think it appropriate for the k-i 2.6 packages to Recommend or Suggest "alsa", a virtual package currently Provided by alsa-base (but possibly a metapackage in the future).


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