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Bug#317007: Please Recommend "alsa"

On Thu, Jul 07, 2005 at 11:32:24AM +0200, Thomas Hood wrote:
> maximilian attems wrote:
> >irclogs/OPN/#debian-kernel.2005-03-15.log:22:09 <jdthood> I am preparing a 
> >sound-base package that will allow selection between ALSA and OSS.  
> >Ideally this woul d be pulled in by k-i 2.6.  Any chance of getting a 
> >dependency added?
> >
> >rembered your irc posting, so what's about the idea of that generic
> >package?
> >
> > 
> >
> Ah, I understand now.
> The "linux-sound-base" package is now in unstable.  It would be quite 
> appropriate for all k-i packages containing both OSS and ALSA modules 
> (viz., all current k-i 2.6 packages) to Depend on linux-sound-base; it 
> would also be appropriate for all other k-i packages to at least Suggest 
> linux-sound-base.  This package gives the admin the ability (via 
> dpkg-reconfigure) to disable either OSS or ALSA so that one does not 
> conflict with the other.
> If the admin chooses OSS then nothing further is required.  If the admin 
> chooses ALSA then the alsa packages should also be installed.  ALSA is 
> the preferred sound system for k-i 2.6, so I think it appropriate for 
> the k-i 2.6 packages to Recommend or Suggest "alsa", a virtual package 
> currently Provided by alsa-base (but possibly a metapackage in the future).

Can these relationships be done in such a way that they exclude
architectures that don't have linux-sound-base or alsa-base?


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