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Re: kernel-source-2.4.{24,25,26} in etch?

On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 08:30:18PM +0200, Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
> (note, I'm not subscribed)
> Hi,
> kernel-source-2.4.{24,25,26} just made it into Etch -- I'm sure that was
> not really intentional, and those can rather be removed from unstable?
> If so, please do file a bug (one listing all three would do) on
> ftp.debian.org.

2.4.25 seems to be needed for some architectures, but 2.4.24 and 2.4.26 should
probably go. Can you file a bug for this?

2.6.10 should also be killed, but there needs to be an hppa update
before that can happen.


> Second point -- would there be any easy way you can think of some
> non-ftpmaster involving way to prevent this from happening in the
> future? Like, making the kernel-source-2.4 and kernel-source-2.6
> package, building kernel-source-2.{4,6}.X binary package? I do think you
> only need one major kernel line version simultaneously, right?

We have found there is such a need in the past and right now too.

> If that's not possible, for whatever reason I'm sure you're much more
> familiar with than I am, of course then it's not possible, and instead
> removal requests can best be filed every time a transition to a new
> minor kernel version is completed.

Thats pretty much where we are now. This has proved to be
quite a bit of overhead, because of the sheer number of
kernel source packages (one for the source and then one for each
arhitecture) per kernel version. We are working on consolidating
this to a single package for all architectures supported by the kernel
team (anything outside the kernel team is beyond out control anyway)
and this should aleveiate this problem.


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