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Bug#311941: kernel-patch-debian-2.6.11: Package description says "patch does not apply to pristine sources", which doesn't seem to be the case

Am Samstag, den 04.06.2005, 11:14 -0600 schrieb dann frazier:


> They contain the differences between the
> kernel-source-2.6.11_2.6.11.orig.tar.gz and Debian's kernel sources. The
> important point here is that kernel-source-2.6.11_2.6.11.orig.tar.gz is
> not the same as linux-2.6.11.tar.gz.  The differences are primarily due
> to the removal of non-redistributable files.  These patches may apply
> cleanly to a vanilla linux tarball, but this is purely coincidental and
> not guaranteed.

Thanks for your clarification! 

This means that at the moment there is no way to obtain a debian kernel
source tree short of downloading the kernel-source-2.*.orig.tar.gz. 

For bandwidth impaired people like me this is quite unfortunate. When I
already have a linux-*.tar.bz2 on a CD from a computer magazine, I'm
happy about not having to download an additional 40 megs (takes about
two hours here!), especially when 40 K of diffs would also do the job.

So could the kernel team consider providing such diffs? (Doesn't have to
be as a .deb)

Thanks for your good work!


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