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Re: sarge kernel updates - IRC meeting at Tuesday, 6:30 UTC

i was asked to send a summary out of that session,
anyway please correct me if it's wrong:

* d-k in testing is frozen.
  that means that current debian-installer rc3,
  and testing kernels are the kernel for sarge.

* security updates via t-p-u
  in order to get better coverage the non abi breaking fixes
  (yes they are in svn) will be uploaded to unstable

* there is a nice overview of all sarge kernel bugs provided by aba:
  yes those bugs need work.

* sparc kernels + d-i images may get an special attention due to late fixes

* the way to handle the abi breaking fix (yes remote fix) needs further
  discussion also with the security team

* d-i infrastructure for future kernel abi changing updates is 
  worked on postsarge.

thanks to anyone involved in getting those kernel out!!!
a++ maks

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