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Bug#282269: Which problems did you observe without -ffreestanding?

On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 12:05:17AM +0100, Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> Bastian Blank wrote:
> > On Tue, Nov 30, 2004 at 02:04:37PM +0900, Horms wrote:
> > > I am pretty dubious about the possibility of this actually manifesting
> > > breakage. And I am even more dubious about adding this if
> > > the same isn't being done upstream. Can we close this for now?
> > 
> > mips upstream uses this always, s390 likes to include libgcc and have
> > therefor to use this flag.
> Actually mips upstream does _not_ use it always, because it might
> break gcc 2.95. It is, however, the right thing to do for newer
> compilers.

That's interesting.

Do you have any pointers to breakages with gcc 2.95?

> Thiemo



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