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[PROPOSAL] Re: Which 2.4 kernel-source for sarge?

On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 01:48:32PM -0600, dann frazier wrote:
> We need to come to an agreement about which kernel-source we will ship
> for sarge.  According to http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?DebianKernel, 
> everyone w/ 2.4.26 has 2.4.27 except for powerpc (sparc is building).
> 2.4.26 has had more testing time - its used in d-i RC1.  The latest
> kernel-source-2.4.26 package appears to be in good shape with respect
> to security.
> What arguments are there for moving to 2.4.27 prior to sarge?

maks attems responded:
> important sparse fixes.

CAN-2004-0495 (Al Viro sparse fixes) is not fixed in kernel-source-2.4.26,
and there maybe others.

> and newer libata, acpi, xfs and netdrv.

Thiemo Seufer responded:
> Updated device mapper and IPsec.

So, some things got updated - I don't know the details of these updates,
but nothing jumps out as a show stopper for sarge.  Going with 2.4.26 appears
to require less changes to sarge than choosing 2.4.25 or 2.4.27 and, imo, the
d-i testing we've received w/ 2.4.26 outweighs these updates.

Sarge 2.4 Proposal
In the interest of reducing the security maintenance of kernel packages
in sarge, I propose that we choose to settle on 2.4.26 as the 2.4
kernel for sarge.

This, I believe, will involved the following:

  - File bugs for any package that Depends or Build-Depends on a non 2.4.26
    kernel package in sarge, asking that they fix & upload to t-p-u.[1]
  - We request the removal of all non 2.4.26 2.4 kernel packages[2] from sarge.
  - We review kernel-source-2.4.26 for important missing security fixes
  - We upload a RC kernel-source-2.4.26 to t-p-u
  - We rebuild all 2.4.26 kernel-images against the latest k-s & upload to
i2c       build-deps on kernel-source-2.4.2[4,5,6]
lmsensors build-deps on kernel-source-2.4.2[4,5,6]
uclibc    build-deps on kernel-source.2.4.20
xen       build-deps on kernel-source-2.4.25 & kernel-patch-debian-2.4.25
(There are 17 packages that Build-Dep on kernel-source-2.4.26 in sarge)

My grepping of the sarge Sources file shows the following packages:
(Probably not exhaustive, though I tried to be - please point out anything
 I missed)
kernel-headers-2.4.25-m68k        2.4.26 counterpart exists in sarge
kernel-image-2.4.25-amiga         2.4.26 counterpart exists in sarge
kernel-image-2.4.25-arm           2.4.26 counterpart exists in sarge
kernel-image-2.4.25-atari         2.4.26 counterpart exists in sarge
kernel-image-2.4.25-bvme6000      2.4.26 counterpart exists in sarge
kernel-image-2.4.25-i386          2.4.26 counterpart exists in sarge
kernel-image-2.4.25-mac           2.4.26 counterpart exists in sarge
kernel-image-2.4.25-mvme147       2.4.26 counterpart exists in sarge
kernel-image-2.4.25-mvme16x       2.4.26 counterpart exists in sarge
kernel-patch-2.4.25-apus          No 2.4.26, afaict
kernel-patch-2.4.25-mips          2.4.26 counterpart exists in sarge
kernel-patch-2.4.25-powerpc       2.4.26 counterpart exists in sid
kernel-image-2.4.27-s390          2.4.26 counterpart exists in sarge

Once we reach some kind of consensus, I'll send this to the release team.

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