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Re: [PROPOSAL] Re: Which 2.4 kernel-source for sarge?

ARM's 2.4.26 kernel in the archive apparently doesn't work while
2.4.27 in NEW has been tested to work.

Another argument for 2.4.27 is that some arches have kernels that can
be taken as it for sarge (e.g. mips, arm); on the other hand, if we go
with 2.4.26, we'd have to update all of them again by building them
against a new 2.4.26 source package with the security fixes.

2.4.27 also has better SATA support, although I think most or all of
it has been backported to our 2.4.26 by Horms (at least I asked him to
and I saw some message about this).
Martin Michlmayr

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