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Re: preparations for 2.6.7-3


Sven Luther writes:

> Jens, will you upload powerpc 2.6.7-3 too ? -2 will not be buildable
> because of the asfs patch move i believe ? 

That's okay, the asfs patch moved in 2.6.7-2 already.

> I need to hear some info about possibly creating a new powerpc-small
> config for 2.6 oldworld miboot based d-i in the near future.

Bad idea.

> please propose an alternate solution with a reasonable timeframe.

2.4 base miboot floppies are working nicely.  until there is a proper
solution for the issues with 2.6, just stick with those.

Regards, Jens.

J'qbpbe, le m'en fquz pe j'qbpbe!
Le veux aimeb et mqubib panz je pézqbpbe je djuz tqtaj!

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