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Debian non-x86 kernel arches

(Sorry I could't correctly reply, I just subscribed)

Jens Schmalzing <j.s@lmu.de> wrote:

>> and with that I mean the existing maintainers should cooperate.

>Indeed.  But cooperation already exists.  So far, it meant that
>Herbert took the upstream source, prepared a kernel-source package,
>and put it up on people.d.o for the other maintainers to download and
>prepare their arch-specific kernel-image packages.  Very efficient.  I
>don't think we could come even close to this if we had one source
>package for all kernel-image packages.

It may be efficient for maintainers, but it leads to non-x86 arches
being second-class citizens if everyone has to wait for the x86
maintainer to prepare arch-specific kernels. The result is I just go
download source and build for all my PPC debian machines. I'd really
rather get a debian package. But if ppc has to wait for x86, it just
gets to take too long.

I'd like to propose we attempt to build x86, amd64, ppc, and ia64
kernels from the same source tree. Arches like mips and m68k will
probably still need extra patches. But we should really be working to
mainline those patches.

Note I did not include PPC64 in this list yet... I think we are gated on
that until we have something equivalent to what amd64 has on alioth.

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