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Re: Coloured character borders in kterm

On 27/01/2023 21:06, Miguel A. Vallejo wrote:

The main problem for me is I'm suffering eye strain because of all the
rainbow colors around texts, and because this does not seem to be
resolved anytime soon so I'm seriously thinking of migrating to stable
or any other distribution with more up to date packages. I can't take
this much longer.

Just downgrade to Bookworm repo (current Testing). You should be able to do it in your system without reinstalling, just make sure you on top of apt and its manual, apt-pinning, when manipulating all packages. From Sid to Testing is not very far, and everything works - at least on my machine. I use Testing on only one machine, everything else is on Stable. Stable has its name for a good reason.

With kindest regards, Piotr.

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