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Re: Coloured character borders in kterm

On 16/01/2023 00:11, Miguel A. Vallejo wrote:
Hi. What system are you running? Is it even Debian? What versions of
KDE, packages, system? Can't help without info.

Sorry, I forgot the details because I always assume here everyone uses Sid.

Debian Sid, fully updated, as today no packages were kept back.

Konsole version 22.12.1
Plasma version 5.26.5
KDE frameworks version 5.101
QT version 5.15.8
Kernel 6.1.0-1 amd64 running under X11

The problem is also observed in desktop icons, Dolphin, etc (less
noticeable because of the colored background) and in some GTK
applications, like Chrome. It seems to be more noticeable with smaller
font sizes

No, I use Testing. Saves me hassle with broken deps or early bugs.
For me, fonts are perfect:

See if you can configure fonts in this place:

Looks like inverted sub-pixel rendering to me. Experiment with settings on that page see if you have any results. Fun fact, some monitors are not RGB but inverted BGR or some other combination. They need careful adjustment of sub-pixel rendering for best results.

With kindest regards, Piotr.

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