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Re: Thank you!

Also the thanks should extend to Rik Mills from Kubuntu who takes great care to catch up with us on IRC regularly and ensure as much as possible is maintained in a shared way between both Debian and Ubuntu !

Le 2 juin 2022 08:26:12 GMT+02:00, Martin Steigerwald <martin@lichtvoll.de> a écrit :

A huge thanks to the Debian Qt/KDE maintainer team for the continued
work on Qt/KDE related packages.

Thank you to Pino, Patrick, Aurélien and of course all the others for
tirelessly packaging newest versions of Qt, including Qt 6 which KDE
will switch to at some time, Plasma, KDE Frameworks, KDE Gear, KDEPIM
and all the other applications from KDE, including new ones like the
Korganizer alternative Kalendar. I bet in total that could easily be
about one thousand packages, maybe even more. It is a huge effort to pull
this off!

While not all of this is available within unstable yet, at least not in
most recent versions, most of it is and the state of the art in unstable
regarding KDE related packages is very decent.

Thank you for this continued effort to all of you, of course also to
those who I did not mention specifically including those long term team
members who advice newcomers to the team on packaging questions and
those who contributed a lot previously.

I appreciate your effort!


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