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Re: Thank you!

Jun 2, 2022, 06:26 by martin@lichtvoll.de:

> A huge thanks to the Debian Qt/KDE maintainer team for the continued 
> work on Qt/KDE related packages.
> Thank you to Pino, Patrick, Aurélien and of course all the others for 
> tirelessly packaging newest versions of Qt, including Qt 6 which KDE 
> will switch to at some time, Plasma, KDE Frameworks, KDE Gear, KDEPIM 
> and all the other applications from KDE, including new ones like the 
> Korganizer alternative Kalendar. I bet in total that could easily be 
> about one thousand packages, maybe even more. It is a huge effort to pull 
> this off!

My thanks as well. Great job!

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