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Re: Kontact/KOrganizer calendars not synching

On 2022-03-01 20:29, Gary Dale wrote:
I'm running Debian/Bookworm on an AMD64 system.

Some time back something apparently happened to my desktop calendars. They stopped showing anything. They used to sync with 2 different Google calendars that I update through my android phone. The events show on my phone but not on my desktop.

Yesterday, I tried to reconnect with them by reconfiguring the connection (KOrganizer | Calendars | Configure) which seems to work - I got all the messages I'd expect (both directly and via e-mail) showing the connection succeeded. However some 24 hours later I still have nothing showing on my desktop calendar.

I remember that at one point I had to actually select what calendars should show but, apart from the configuration dialogue, I can't find anything that would affect the visibility of the configured calendars.

Does anyone have any ideas about what's going wrong?

And the problem seems to have returned. I've got events on my phone that aren't showing up in my desk calendar again. The old events are still there, but no new ones seem be making it down.

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