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Re: Massive problems with kmail/akonadi

On donderdag 26 maart 2020 10:17:33 CET Dietz Proepper wrote:

> Am Montag, 23. März 2020, 08:59:22 CET schrieb Martin Steigerwald:

> > Dietz Proepper - 23.03.20, 08:40:06 CET:

> [kmail problems]

> >

> > No such problems with KMail/KDEPIM/Akonadi from Debian Sid currently

> > (19.08).

> >

> > But also had no such problems with KMail/KDEPIM/Akonadi from Debian 10

> > as it was in Sid before.

> >

> > I did have some Akonadi crashes which may have been related to incorrect

> > AppArmor rules. Meanwhile I disabled AppArmor for akonadi-server since I

> > still saw frequent AppArmor access denial messages in log. I believe

> > there is Debian a bug report about it.


> Crazy shit - on 24.3. I disabled AppArmor for akonadi. Since then: *no*

> crashing akonadi (which makes sense to me "somehow").


> But my "move email" issues seem to be gone, too! (I did not test in depth, but

> had no issues the last days.)


> I'll observe that some more time (and hopefully can do some real tests on it),

> but has anyone of the wizards here even a remote glimpse, how AppArmor could

> trigger this kind of error?!


I didn't have exactly the same issues as you describe, but in order to get akonadi

to start after upgrading from stable to testing I had to add these apparmor configs



owner /run/user/*/akonadi/** rwk,




owner /run/user/*/akonadi/** rwk,



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