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Re: Massive problems with kmail/akonadi

Dietz Proepper - 23.03.20, 08:40:06 CET:
> since some time, I encounter massive problems with kmail:
> - akonadi crashes every couple of hours.
> - moving mail between folders is b0rken badly
>   (see https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=418184)
> Changing db backends did not help, recreating accounts, too.
> Has anyone similar problems? Am I missing something completely?
> (Or has KDE PIM reached it's end of useability? ;-) )

No such problems with KMail/KDEPIM/Akonadi from Debian Sid currently 

But also had no such problems with KMail/KDEPIM/Akonadi from Debian 10 
as it was in Sid before.

I did have some Akonadi crashes which may have been related to incorrect 
AppArmor rules. Meanwhile I disabled AppArmor for akonadi-server since I 
still saw frequent AppArmor access denial messages in log. I believe 
there is Debian a bug report about it.

You may also consider to ask on kdepim-users KDE mailinglist for help.


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