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Re: Massive problems with kmail/akonadi

Am Montag, 23. März 2020, 08:59:22 CET schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> Dietz Proepper - 23.03.20, 08:40:06 CET:
[kmail problems]
> No such problems with KMail/KDEPIM/Akonadi from Debian Sid currently
> (19.08).
> But also had no such problems with KMail/KDEPIM/Akonadi from Debian 10
> as it was in Sid before.
> I did have some Akonadi crashes which may have been related to incorrect
> AppArmor rules. Meanwhile I disabled AppArmor for akonadi-server since I
> still saw frequent AppArmor access denial messages in log. I believe
> there is Debian a bug report about it.

Crazy shit - on 24.3. I disabled AppArmor for akonadi. Since then: *no* 
crashing akonadi (which makes sense to me "somehow").

But my "move email" issues seem to be gone, too! (I did not test in depth, but 
had no issues the last days.)

I'll observe that some more time (and hopefully can do some real tests on it), 
but has anyone of the wizards here even a remote glimpse, how AppArmor could 
trigger this kind of error?!

Or is it some kind of Schroedinger Error (you look at it in depth and it goes 
away)? ;-)

dazed & confused

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