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Re: Akonadi 4:18.08.3-8 in experimental


On maandag 28 oktober 2019 12:33:30 CET Sandro Knauß wrote:
> Mmh, okay now the question is, if Akonadi was functional before you deleted
> that file. 

Yes, it was functional. AFAIK akonadi uses my OS credentials, so it doesn't/
shouldn't need any creds that could be stored in that file.

> Because at least for me, I would argue, that AppArmor is blocking
> the access to ~/.pgpass seems reasonable, as the Postgres database that
> Akonadi spins up, don't need access to that file. 


> That's what AppArmor is made for, to block applications to access files, that
> they should not have access to. But I'm very new to the AppArmor world,
> that's why I don't have any strong option.

I don't know much about AppArmor either. I understand the general concept, but 
usually I'm mostly 'annoyed' by the pop-ups as I don't (really) know what to 
do about it and consequently just click them away.
This issue about accessing ~/.pgpass is probably the first instance that I 
practically see the advantage of AppArmor. It's possibly useful to figure out 
whether this is a bug in akonadi or not.

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