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Re: Akonadi 4:18.08.3-8 in experimental


> On vrijdag 25 oktober 2019 12:08:12 CEST John Scott wrote:
> > You probably have apparmor-notify installed which displays the
> > notifications.
> That is correct.

Mmh, okay now the question is, if Akonadi was functional before you deleted 
that file. Because at least for me, I would argue, that AppArmor is blocking 
the access to ~/.pgpass seems reasonable, as the Postgres database that 
Akonadi spins up, don't need access to that file. That's what AppArmor is made 
for, to block applications to access files, that they should not have access 
to. But I'm very new to the AppArmor world, that's why I don't have any strong 


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