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Qt/KDE XMPP/Jabber client with OMEMO


Is there such a thing available in Debian?

Kopete 17.08 does not do it.

PSI is said to have OMEMO, but does not appear to have it in Debian.

Only working (!) XMPP client I found in Debian so far is: dino.im which 
is GTK based.

Gajim is supposed to be working, but gives a Python traceback on 
activating OMEMO. Its also GTK based.

Apparently there more than a dozen XMPP clients for Linux, but none of 
them works as nicely as Conversations.im on Android for far.

Pidgin also does not do it.

One thing to try still would be KDE Telepathy, as I read somewhere it 
would do OMEMO. But it appears to be similarly outdated as Kopete.

Then there is kaidan.im which is not packaged yet.

There are in part contradicting informations on which client can do it 
or not:




for example.


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