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Re: Idle Detection

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> Hi, 
> can anybody tell how Plasma determines that it is idle to put the system 
> e.g. in suspend?
> I see sometimes the idle detection does not work anymore. A reboot fixes 
> it..
> One candidate is a stale vlc process, but it seems there are others.
> I am looking for a way which to find out what is the reason for the 
> system to believe that it is not idle.
> Thanks
> Rainer
> -- 
> Rainer Dorsch
> http://bokomoko.de/

Another candidate is either a stale or missing powerdevil.  I fix it 
sometimes like this:

$ killall org_kde_powerdevil
$ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libexec/org_kde_powerdevil &

This has been a common problem for me for years since I started using KDE 
around jessie.  It happens on all of my several machines.

I would guess many background processes like backups, network stuff, cloud 
storage, etc. could mess around with the time limit, or disable it the 
same way vlc and others do.  I think that is thru dbus, but I don't 
understand the exact mechanism used to do it.

Hope you find it.

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