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Re: 18.08; imap.googlemail.com vs. imap.gmail.com; "akonadi resources for google services"

On Thursday, October 4, 2018 9:17:25 PM CEST Frank Mehnert wrote:
> Since the recent kdepim upgrade I cannot read e-mails with kmail anymore.
> First I thought I can fix it like proposed by inkbottle but my problem
> seems to be different:
> When kmail tries to synchronize the imap resource for my gmail account then
> the QtWebKit window is shown asking for my credentials. I pass my usual

In my case, after I changed imap.gmail.com to imap.googlemail.com, and 
reentered my password, both action being performed inside Kmail-Settings, I am 
not asked anymore for *credentials*:

I mean, after performing the above modifications, it's a whole "new" account, 
from the point of view of kmail, the one previously existing using 
"imap.gmail.com" has been ditched altogether.

And from that point onward, I'm not bothered by any popup dialogue: which 
origin I do not know (even if it claims it is Google, I've got not way to 
verify that information), and which therefore I obviously do not trust.

(Again, I did had the "credential"-popup after log-in. But I dismissed it, I 
answered cancel; Then I did the "hack". And the popup never came back)

It behaves exactly as "the next guy", and not at all after any specific 
Google/Oauth pattern.

The trick about using imap.googlemail.com in place of imap.gmail.com, I've 
probably learned it here, on that list, or on irc: in any case, googling with 
those keywords could provide further clues.

(I understand there is no warranty that imap.googlemail.com will perform as 
described above, it might depends on the area you live in, or whatever)


> login name and then press the 'Next' button. But nothing happens and the
> same window appears a few times asking for the same information. Finally I
> found out that /usr/bin/akonadi_imap_resource is crashing. I will open a
> bug upstream.
> Please let me know if someone runs into a similar issue and found a
> workaround.
> Thanks,
> Frank
> Am Mi., 3. Okt. 2018 um 18:16 Uhr schrieb inkbottle <inkbottle007@gmail.com
> > A puzzling Oauth related message, and how I dealt with it: (irc cut and
> > past,
> > hence the weird looking style ;) )
> > 
> > Rebooting with akonadi 18.08 (debian), I've got that message "akonadi
> > resources for google services".
> > For a gmail address of mine.
> > I'm wondering what it can be.
> > So I checked "cancel" and as a consequence it said my gmail account is
> > broken.
> > I reconfigured my account using imap.googlemail.com instead of
> > imap.gmail.com;
> > I hope it will suffice.
> > OK, it did work.
> > 
> > Beware it also "changed" my password for a very long "password", so you'll
> > have to enter your password back.
> > 
> > The place I did the changes is:
> > Kmail settings > Accounts > Receiving >
> > There I selected the faulty gmail account;
> > And I did "modify";
> > Changed imap.gmail.com to imap.googlemail.com;
> > Fixed my password;
> > And there it is.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Chris

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