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18.08; imap.googlemail.com vs. imap.gmail.com; "akonadi resources for google services"

A puzzling Oauth related message, and how I dealt with it: (irc cut and past, 
hence the weird looking style ;) )

Rebooting with akonadi 18.08 (debian), I've got that message "akonadi 
resources for google services".
For a gmail address of mine.
I'm wondering what it can be.
So I checked "cancel" and as a consequence it said my gmail account is broken.
I reconfigured my account using imap.googlemail.com instead of imap.gmail.com; 
I hope it will suffice.
OK, it did work.

Beware it also "changed" my password for a very long "password", so you'll 
have to enter your password back.

The place I did the changes is:
Kmail settings > Accounts > Receiving >
There I selected the faulty gmail account;
And I did "modify";
Changed imap.gmail.com to imap.googlemail.com;
Fixed my password;
And there it is.


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