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Re: Plasma PA and Pulseaudio gconf => gsettings module migration

Hi Laurent.

laurent Trinques - 29.06.18, 10:43:
> The following packages will be REMOVED:
>   kde-plasma-desktop kinfocenter kscreen kwin-addons kwin-common
> kwin-wayland kwin-wayland-backend-drm kwin-x11 libpowerdevilcore2
> libtaskmanager6 plasma- desktop plasma-widgets-addons
> plasma-workspace plasma-workspace-wayland powerdevil
> pulseaudio-module-gconf sddm-theme-breeze sddm-theme-debian-breeze

Simple rule:

As long as you see something like ^^^, just simply say "No!" :)


I highly recommend any make it a habit of carefully review any packages 
mentioned under

> The following packages will be REMOVED:

Especially if you use unstable or testing.

And bet what? I did it myself, too. Having been in a hurry I said yes 
just to find out that apt started to uninstall parts of the desktop 
environment I used to start the command from (within a Konsole session). 
In case you do it: You own it. And its yours to fix it :), no one else 
is obligated to fix it for you. Of course you can still ask for help.

If in doubt about whether the packages apt chooses to remove in case you 
say yes are important or not, simply also say "No!" and ask on the list. 
Or review the packages with "apt show" whether their descriptions notes 
them as transitional packages. For library packages, it may happen that 
libsomething2 is removed but libsomething3 is installed. Then it is 
usually safe to allow the dist-upgrade.

But if in doubt, better first ask here! Here are enough people 
subscribed who can advise whether it is safe to upgrade or not.

In case you ask, provide full output of apt so we can all know what it 
is about to do, in case you say yes.


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