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Re: Plasma PA and Pulseaudio gconf => gsettings module migration

Marco Paolieri - 29.06.18, 10:45:
> ​Thanks, Martin.
> I successfully downgraded all packages to versions from the time of
> the last successful upgrade (from  /var/log/apt/history.log). So,
> problem solved. And the user is now a better user :-)

Wonderful. Nice to hear.

Sorry in case I sounded a bit annoyed… I have been a bit annoyed as… 
well I don´t like users to break their systems all that much. :) But in 
that case, I think its partly caused by Plasma Discover not having been 
explicit enough on what would happen. I am not completely sure on that, 
maybe it even said that packages would be removed. But maybe not 
prominently enough. I usually still use apt on command line.

Of course the user is just a fine user in any case. But if the other 
learned to adjust his or her behavior in the direction of keeping the 
system working the next time such a thing happens… all the better.

> Looking forward to Plasma 5.13.

apt dist-upgrade still wants to remove packages.

kde-plasma-desktop kde-standard kinfocenter kscreen kwin-addons 
libpowerdevilcore2 libtaskmanager6 plasma-desktop plasma-mediacenter 
plasma-widgets-addons plasma-workspace plasma-workspace-wayland 
powerdevil sddm-theme-breeze

And aptitude explains that this is due to some Plasma packages still at 

Using aptitude dist-upgrade is a good way to find out why apt chooses to 
remove packages.


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