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Re: Plasma PA and Pulseaudio gconf => gsettings module migration

And bet what? I did it myself, too. Having been in a hurry I said yes
just to find out that apt started to uninstall parts of the desktop
environment I used to start the command from (within a Konsole session).
In case you do it: You own it. And its yours to fix it :), no one else
is obligated to fix it for you. Of course you can still ask for help.
In case you ask, provide full output of apt so we can all know what it
is about to do, in case you say yes.

​Just a note to future users (including myself)
​, in addition to the very good advice from Martin​
: in case you accidentally say yes, not everything is lost.

Debian is so great that it keeps snapshots ​of the package archive at different points in time:

You can check what "apt-get dist-upgrade" did to your system by inspecting "
​"​. If it says:

Start-Date: 2018-05-17  10:31:21
End-Date: 2018-05-17  10:53:24

Start-Date: 2018-06-28  18:45:04
Commandline: packagekit role='update-packages'
Requested-By: john (1002)
Upgrade: [..] plasma-nm:amd64 (4:5.12.3-2, 4:5.13.1-1)
Remove: [..] plasma-workspace:amd64 (4:5.12.5-1) 
Start-Date: 2018-06-28  18:55:24

You can:
- point your /etc/apt/sources.list to a snap​shot archive very close to the last successful update (2018-05-17 10:31:21)
- apt-get update (to fetch the list of packages from that point in time)
- apt-get install [..] plasma-nm:amd64=4:5.12.3-2 [..] plasma-workspace:amd64=4:5.12.5-1
  (so, you ask to install the removed packages and the previous version of upgraded ones)
  (you can produce this list automatically from the log with a bit of work)

YMMV but it worked for me.
-- Marco

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