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Why is Konqueror part of `kde-baseapps`


Why is `konqueror`, `kwrite` and `keditbookmarks` part of the metapackage `kde-baseapps`? This seems to be packages that nobody needs or uses, but is part of all predefined metapackages (by being part of `kde-baseapps`).

When someone is installing `kde-plasma-desktop` or `kde-standard` they want a minimal desktop environment that they can shape to their liking. Bundling quite big applications that nobody uses doesn't seems to align with these metapackages purpose. Everyone -- or almost everyone -- uses Firefox instead of Konqueror; Nano or Vim is used instead of KWrite when you need a minimal text editor; and KEditBookmarks seems to be related to Konqueror.

I guess that there's some reason that I've missed. Could you please enlighten me and explain? If there isn't really any reason why we bundle them with the metapackage, can we begin to discuss the possibility to remove them from `kde-baseapps`?

Have a nice time!


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