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Re: akonadi duplicates messages


...after observing my inbox for several days it's clearly still a problem 
(within some days hundreds of mails got duplicated in my inbox).

Any hints on how to get back to "normal" behaviour? I read an older bug 
related to duplicate messages caused by mail filtering - could that still be 
an issue? I *have* some filter rules in place, but only for filtering a 
handful of folders...


On Mittwoch, 7. Februar 2018 10:14:25 CET Andreas Bourges wrote:
> Hi,
> > Perhaps ...
> > $ akonadictl fsck
> > [Check (and attempt to fix) consistency of the internal storage]
> ...I tried akonadictl fschk - will observe if the problems go away! I saw a
> bug related to filtering (which I'm using...) - if the problem persists I'll
> try without filtering.
> and will try to check for read-only folders, too!
> Thanks,
> Andreas

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