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Updates to KDE applications 17.08 and Plasma/KDE meta packages


Pino is just uploading these.

The updated meta packages do no longer depend on KDE 4 based kde-runtime. This 
makes it easier to remove it once you removed the last KDE 4 application 
depending on it.

There are still some like Amarok or KMyMoney. For KMyMoney upstream plans to 
release a KF5/Qt5 based version soon. There have been some porting efforts for 
Amarok, but I am not aware of their current state.

And there are quite a bit more like basket, kopete 17.08 (also in the process 
of being ported, ready for 17.12 already?) and others:

% apt-cache rdepends kde-runtime | wc -l

So still quite a challenge to get rid of KDE 4 and Qt 4 based stuff.

I appreciate this careful polishing and updating of these packages.

Of course I also look forward to Plasma 5.12 LTS and KDE Applications 17.12 as 
well as KF 5.42. It is a ton of packages and sub projects to keep track off in 
order to provide a fully fledged Plasma desktop with all bells and whistles.

Thank you,

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