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Re: adding a Google calendar to Kontact

On 2018-01-08 06:30 AM, Andy G Wood wrote:
On Monday, 8 January 2018 00:24:58 GMT Gary Dale wrote:
I've just noticed the problem is worse than I thought. I have events on
my main Google calendar that aren't showing up on Kontact and others
that are showing up wrong. This makes me believe that my main calendar
hasn't been synched with Google for a couple of months (the date I last
added an event that shows up on both Google and Kontact). I can't get it
too resync manually either.
I too have seen this problem over past months with Google calendar.  Syncing
seemed to stop if a Gcalendar was updated outside of kdepim, whilst kdepim was
running (just an observation, not tested).  I have been living with this
(hoping that 17.08 will fix the problem) by periodically deleting and
recreating my Gcalendar in kdepim.  This fix eventually broke last week when I
could not recreate in kdepim because of the Google Services problem reported
in this thread.

Waiting for 17.08 to appear in testing ... and falling back to gcalcli.


Updated to 17.08 and things seem to be working. I got my normal calendar back and was able to add a second calendar as well.

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