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Re: adding a Google calendar to Kontact

On Monday, 8 January 2018 00:24:58 GMT Gary Dale wrote:
> I've just noticed the problem is worse than I thought. I have events on
> my main Google calendar that aren't showing up on Kontact and others
> that are showing up wrong. This makes me believe that my main calendar
> hasn't been synched with Google for a couple of months (the date I last
> added an event that shows up on both Google and Kontact). I can't get it
> too resync manually either.

I too have seen this problem over past months with Google calendar.  Syncing 
seemed to stop if a Gcalendar was updated outside of kdepim, whilst kdepim was 
running (just an observation, not tested).  I have been living with this 
(hoping that 17.08 will fix the problem) by periodically deleting and 
recreating my Gcalendar in kdepim.  This fix eventually broke last week when I 
could not recreate in kdepim because of the Google Services problem reported 
in this thread.

Waiting for 17.08 to appear in testing ... and falling back to gcalcli.


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