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Re: Akonadi and apparmor problem

On Tuesday, 21 November 2017 07:39:41 CET anxiousmac@gmail.com wrote:
> The error in akonadiselftest was: stderr: "Could not open required defaults
> file: /home/USER/.local/share/akonadi/mysql.conf\nFatal error in defaults
> handling. Program aborted\n"
> My machine is now apparmor free.

I used another workaround :

$ sudo aa-complain /usr/sbin/mysqld

That said, akonadi server should run with /usr/sbin/mysqld-akonadi instead of 
/usr/sbin/mysqld to use the apparmor profile that is designed to work with 

I guess that something is wrong in my config. I'll follow up if I figure out 


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