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Re: KDE Pim 17.08.3 wants to remove knode

Pino Toscano wrote:

> I see there are some package conflicts in newer PIM packages with
> packages of the kdepim 4.x stack.  I removed them, although
> a) the fixed sources will not be uploaded before the new PIM stack
> migrates to testing
> b) I cannot guarantee there will not be further issues
> So this is only a short-term issue.  That said, not sure for how long
> the kdepim 4.x stack can still be shipped, although... we will see.

Hi Pino

Thank you for  looking into this, it is very much appreciated.  For now I'll 
hold off upgrading until the fix is available. Any idea how long that could 
be ? 

In the meantime I'll try to get up speed with Pan for future proofing.


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