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Re: KDE Pim 17.08.3 wants to remove knode

Martin Steigerwald wrote:

> Hi Rob.
> Rob Brewer - 24.12.17, 21:36:

>> Is there a way forward  with knode or am I stuck with using thunderbird
>> as my future mail/news reader.
> I think I have read that in future KMail will support reading news. I am
> not sure whether that will be already the case with KDEPIM 17.12.
> And I don´t find any mention of it at the moment. But I am pretty sure I
> read it somewhere.

That's interesting but I wonder how far way 17.12 is away for debian? In the 
meantime I have been looking at Pan which seems it could be an alternative 
to knode but being gtk it doesn't integrate with kde so well.

I don't use Kdepim anymore due to its lack of newsreader integration and I 
was thinking of ditching KDE altogether which would seem to be a pity just 
as Kmail is becoming fully functional. 

Thank you for dangling the carrot Martin, I would be interested in following 
up any reference you could find to kmails' newsreader.


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