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Newer KDE/Plasma stuff in Stable? (was: Re: Some KDE applications still outdated)

Hello Erwan.

You kinda hi-jacked this thread, thus changing subject.

Erwan David - 28.11.17, 12:55:
> > There are still some KDE Applications not at 17.08.
> > 
> > For example kdenetwork including Kopete which is still at a version that
> > uses KDE SC 4.14.
> > 
> > I bet you are aware of it… if not, then after reading this you are.
> > 
> > Yes, I am not in the position to request anything without offering to
> > help. It just would be nice to have kdenetwork at 17.08 as well.
> > 
> > kdegraphics and kdemultimedia metapackages are not yet up to date, but it
> > appears some of their more popular dependencies are.
> I see references to those versions of KDE applications. Is there a
> specific repository to get something more advanced than the partial KDE
> of stable ?

I am not aware of one. I believe there has been a discussion about it here 
somewhat recently. The Debian Qt/KDE team is quite small… and they are 
occupied with getting the new stuff into Sid/Testing already in addition to 
attending to bug reports and security fixes for Stable. So I think someone 
else would need to volunteer for doing a backport.

If you want to have new Plasma/KDE stuff you have to either use Testing, the 
upcoming Buster, or Unstable.


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