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Re: Some KDE applications still outdated

No cc needed.

Luigi Toscano - 28.11.17, 13:18:
> On Tuesday, 28 November 2017 12:45:51 CET Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > There are still some KDE Applications not at 17.08.
> I appreciate the effort in sending out news, but this is incorrect: the news
> is that "Some KDE Applications have been updated to 17.08"

If you want to engage with me in "I have it right and you have it wrong" kind 
of discussions, I opt out. Its obvious that both ways to say it are correct.

However thank you for reminding me to also look what is already there, instead 
of only what is not.

I appreciate the effort of the Debian Qt/KDE and upstream development teams. I 
made this clear here a lot of times.

> > For example kdenetwork including Kopete which is still at a version that
> > uses KDE SC 4.14.
> Even if all applications from KDE Applications 17.08 were uploaded, kopete
> would still be using KDE Platform 4.14.

Ah… thought Kopete would be Qt5, but I admit I did not check that before 
writing this post. I was looking for an up to date XMPP client, and I may need 
to look elsewhere, as KDE Telepathy also appears to be somewhat orphaned to 

But I believe to remember that Kopete will still be in 17.12, so I bet 
upstream developers ported it to Qt/KF5 meanwhile. Hmmm, it appears to be 
still in works¹.

[1] https://community.kde.org/Applications/17.12_repo_drop_list_kdelibs4

Thank you.

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