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Re: Akregator 17.08 regressions

Hey Sandro.

Sandro Knauß - 19.11.17, 14:33:
> at the moment I can't open any link in a tab. No tab is opend, if I say it
> should open a link in one tab.  I would recommend to wait till KDEPIM
> 17.08.3 is completely in unstable, before drafting bugreports. But you may
> ask in upstream list, if others with other distributions have the issue,
> too.  Or search in the bugreports...

Meanwhile I found that when I have an article open in the HTML article viewer 
and it does not show "Open Link" and so on links, when I open another copy of 
the article in another HTML article viewer I do get these links.

So it seems like a race condition to me.

Waiting for Akregator 17.08.3 as you suggested.

My current work-around is to open the article another time.


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