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Re: Akregator 17.08 regressions


> > > Still no back and forward navigation when following a link. Has been
> > > already this way in Akregator 16.04.
> > 
> > you mean back and forth for links you follow? context menu "back" and
> > "forward"?
> Yes. A long time ago there has been browser navigation buttons "back to
> previous page", "forward to next page" (if gone back to previous one before)
> in the toolbar. This was missing in 16.04 already, so no regression.
> In which context menu do you see "back" and "forward"?

I open a link of an article inside a new tab (embeded browser) and follow one 
link inside the browser. Than I can see Back as first element in the context 
menu at the whole webpage. But also I see this if I hover a link.

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